University of Tabriz


The University of Tabriz, the second oldest university of country started its activities in 1947 with two faculties of Literature and Medicine. It is now one of the 10 top universities in Iran. Currently, the University of Tabriz enjoying 21 faculties, 10 Research Centers, several Centers of Excellence, Technology Units, International Campuses and its branches, is one of the greatest educational and research centers in Iran.

The University of Tabriz, with its unique scientific facilities in the northwest of Iran, provides its researchers with advanced labs in different fields, having 24000 students, 800 academic staff members, more than 300,000 hard copy books, 800,000 soft copy books, many valuable hand written books, several computer and internet sites, 21 journals and membership of E-Journals.

Moreover, the University of Tabriz has been active in the international realms. It holds academic relationship with different and important universities of the world, such as France, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Cyprus, Thailand and so on. It has also signed 90 MoU with universities worldwide. Additionally, UT has an active presence in the International Association of Universities (IAU), International Universities Council (IUC), and Association of Caucasian Universities (KUNIB).

University of Tabriz has dedicated 145 martyrs in the cause of the Islamic Revolution goals, out of whom 22 were martyred while supporting the Fronts of Right against Wrong at the site of Engineering Faculty Workshop within Campus. With five anonymous martyrs now buried on campus, the university is also known as "Mashhad al-Shuhada" (Place of Martyrdom) to Iranian universities.

University of Tabriz with its creative and dynamic management and depending on its unique scientific & cultural experiences and its experienced faculties is aiming to develop fundamental research beside science based products as well. UT aims to demonstrate its role as one of ten top universities country and as one of the leading universities of region.

Last Update At : 04 December 2019